Welcome to My Journal Poems

I look out my windows–the same windows for over two decades–and contemplate my life of faith.  There were years when I could not write often.  Now many poems are given to me, and they seem like pages from a journal.  Not perfect, from my heart.  While I am learning more about craft, there is also something special about these poems.  Yet because so many years are a part of each one, they reflect a lot of work as well.

My first and primary blog with WordPress, begun in December 2009, includes a wide variety of posts.  I add more posts often and enjoy the comments.  http://www.ellenolinger.wordpress.com

Now it also seems time to review what I have written and organize my work in different ways.  The wonderful WordPress themes offer so many options.  So here I am reprinting in one place my “journal poems,” from this poet’s window.

Thank you,

Ellen Grace Olinger