Memories and Hope


Lately it seems I am more aware of aging.  Over 60 now, and different everyday experiences bring back different memories.  I’ve seen the generation before me grow very old and many have been called Home.  Houses in the neighborhood have different owners for a variety of reasons.  I remember different gardens even as I appreciate the styles of new people.

It’s been over 10 years since my mother’s passing and I helped with her care for years.  There were the years of buying groceries and cooking and keeping fresh flowers on her dresser.  Then the time of her last illness, when she needed more care, in a nursing home.  There was no more physical work I could do.  And she was where she herself had served as a volunteer.  I trusted and simply sat with her, and we spent hours together.  Days and weeks.

I learned love endures and continues to grow.  Now my memories are more varied.  I might picture us together at a favorite restaurant or browsing in a bookstore.

Many blessings grow.  I read the Psalms as I read them to my mother.

I write many poems and if someone said, “What is your goal?” – I would say, “To offer HOPE.”  This is one of many lessons from Charles A. Waugaman (1932 – 2010) – an editor who became a friend.

The picture is courtesy of Dover Publications; a free sample from 100 Japanese Stencils.  The image is called “Butterflies and Chrysanthemums.”