Lake Michigan – Poems and Photos


I’ve written several poems about Lake Michigan, in Wisconsin USA. 

daily practice
and rest as well

sun on Lake Michigan waves
as far as I can see

and as they reach
the sandy shore

* * *

small waves to shore
one quiet song after another
fades to silence

* * *

late summer garden
and the lake in sun
blessings of friendship

* * *

Lake Michigan winds
a tiny bird
seeks shelter
by the kitchen window

* * *

a barge with lights
travels our great lake . . .
thoughts and prayers
for those with thoughts
of home

Christmas 2014

* * *
sun through leaves
after rain in the morning
ribbons of navy blue
and turquoise
in the water

* * *

gift of faith
during my hardest years
lights down the beach
moon and stars at night

Beach1Photos by Karl