WordPress Prompt – The Heat is On


The Heat is On was the prompt for July 18, 2015.  “Tell us how you work best.”

Some people work best with a deadline, and I think it is probably true that we achieve more when we have goals.  For me, some flexibility is important.  I read a lot, even though what I am reading may not seem to be directly related to what I am writing.  Yet I am learning from many sources, and reading a wide range of thought and even specific vocabulary words from other fields (science, for example).  I also think it is important as I grow older to keep learning, to have new goals.

When I was in graduate school, my papers were always better when I began work early in the semester and simply did a lot of background reading.  It is also good to be able to let a rough draft for a paper rest, and then revise and proofread.  I also taught writing at the graduate level.

With blogs, my work is growing slowly.  For example, I have a site Quiet Christmas Poetry, which I created from my short poems on other sites.  Then last year, Karl and I also created a large print chapbook from this blog.  We hope to offer gift copies to libraries and nursing homes this year.  Perhaps there is someone older, with family who live in another place, who would love a special book.  Our work is non-profit.