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Yesterday I went to Mead Public Library in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  They had a nice selection of used books for sale.  I bought two poetry books, for less than a dollar.  I stopped at a restaurant on the way home.  A young  person held the door for me.

Lilacs were blooming along the roads.



Our peonies will bloom soon.


Flight by Charles A. Waugaman

My Journal Poems


As the gull
rests on the air currents,
thus I would rest
on the breath of the Spirit,
so at ease
so certain
I could turn my vision
back and forward,
and decipher my meaning.

Charles A. Waugaman
WITHIN The Circle Of Seasons
Elin Grace Publishing, 2003.
Author Copyright.

I published this chapbook for Charles.  He was called Home in 2010.  All rights reserved to his family.

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