How to Haiku by Jim Kacian: New Lesson Plans

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I read How to Haiku by Jim Kacian (Winchester VA: Red Moon Press, 2006), which is available in The Haiku Foundation Digital Library.  Then I wrote three lessons for the Higher Education category on the Education Resources page.

How to Haiku 1

How to Haiku 2

How to Haiku 3

Thank you to Jim Kacian for his work in publishing these lessons.

Ellen Grace Olinger

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“every photo a prayer”

garden journal
through the seasons
every photo a prayer

Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin

Primroses are just beginning to flower, once again.

100_8093 (2) Ellen Grace Olinger – May 6, 2017

I planted these daffodils after my great-Aunt Merc’s funeral, a long time ago.  Her husband, Bill Schwanke, died when I was very young.  I don’t remember him.  We saw Aunt Merc in Milwaukee a week before her passing, and she enjoyed cookies from Oostburg Bakery.  I represented my mother at different places during the caregiving years.  Then to her home.  She and Aunt Merc were wise and compassionate.  We do our best, one day at a time.  The perennials carry great emotional meaning for me.  Renewal – no matter how long the winter, which is beautiful as well.

100_8095 (2) Ellen Grace Olinger – May 6, 2017

The primroses and these daffodils were planted by previous owners.

100_8087 Ellen Grace Olinger – May 6, 2017

The hosta plants were also planted by previous owners.  I love the birch…

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Flight by Charles A. Waugaman

My Journal Poems


As the gull
rests on the air currents,
thus I would rest
on the breath of the Spirit,
so at ease
so certain
I could turn my vision
back and forward,
and decipher my meaning.

Charles A. Waugaman
WITHIN The Circle Of Seasons
Elin Grace Publishing, 2003.
Author Copyright.

I published this chapbook for Charles.  He was called Home in 2010.  All rights reserved to his family.

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Haiku Registry at The Haiku Foundation

Ellen Grace Olinger - Haiku Art Site

Ellen Grace Olinger – 2016

The Haiku Registry is edited and managed by Billie Wilson, at The Haiku Foundation.

When I began my volunteer work in education at THF (2012), the registry was part of my general background reading.  I learned so much, from reading the Poet Profiles.  And I continue to read there often.  For example, I may be interested in learning more about a poet, after reading a poem on a blog, or learning of a book by a poet.

You can read my Poet Profile page here.

I took the photos of the daylilies last summer.

100_6094 Ellen Grace Olinger – 2016

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