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More Than The Eyes Can See by Charles A. Waugaman

If Easter dawns in rain
Is that catastrophe?
If over earth again
The snow has aged the green
For one more interruption prior to Spring,
May we not sing?

If centuries have seen
The ultimate defeat of Winter’s icy grip,
Need we equip our hearts
With so much hope
That skeptics want to scorn?

There will be morn.
Of this at least we’re sure
Whether the eyes behold the sun or not.
And if this wise belief cannot suffice
No vision would assure.

The heart is poor and small that cannot know
The flowers beyond the wall
That wait the sun,
Depend on rain as well as light,
To conquer night.

by Charles A. Waugaman
Elin Grace Publishing
Oostburg, Wisconsin
Collection copyright 2003, by Author